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Give us a ring or send an email over when you have a technical question holding you up

You can reach us at or (843) 300-3307.


7 Days a Week

8AM to 8PM EST

Please direct all other questions to the Client Concierge at (843) 300-3318.

BoomTown Knowledge Base

How do I reach support?

  1. Click on the “Need Help?” button located on the bottom of your BoomTown account.
  2. Phone: 843.300.3300 Ext. 2
  3. Email: 

I forgot my password, I can’t login, or my account has been locked? What now?

Don’t worry, we’ll get this figured out in a pinch. For your security, we lock accounts after 15 failed password attempts. To unlock your account and have your password reset follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the Login Page (
  2. Enter your login email address and click “Send.”
  3. You should receive an email with a temporary password to access your account.
    After logging into your account with the temporary password, you can change your password by clicking on your Profile Photo in the upper right corner and selecting “My Profile.”
  4. On your account settings page, click on the “Change Password” option to open the “Change Password” page.
  5. In order to change your password, you will need to enter the current password set for your account. *There will also be a link in the “Forgot Password” email which takes you to the “Change Password” page where you can change your password to your preference.

I have a great idea for BoomTown? Who should I tell first?

Our Feedback Forum will be the best place for you to submit your ideas! BoomTown’s Community Manager, Mac, monitors the forum and then meets with our Product Team to discuss possible implementation of the ideas submitted.

To submit your idea for our Feedback Forum, click on the “Support” option in your Navigation Menu and select “Vote for Features.” In order to go straight to the forum: click here! 

Can I access the BoomTown CRM from my phone? What about the BoomTown client facing website?

 Yes to both! Mobile Version of BoomTown CRM Access:

Open your mobile web browser and enter into the address bar.  For quick and easy access of the BoomTown CRM, you may consider adding an icon to your home screen. For steps on how to do this, depending on your mobile device, check out our Knowledge Base article: click here to view.  

BoomTown Client Facing Site Access:

All BoomTown websites are mobile responsive, which means leads get to experience the same look and functionality of your site from their computer, on their phone.  To access your BoomTown website on a mobile device, you would open your mobile web browser and enter your BoomTown site domain in the address bar.  The site format will be adjusted slightly to fit the smaller screen of your phone, but all the same search tools will remain. 

Why is another agent’s photo displaying on the website when I click on a listing in my BoomTown account?

When clicking on a listing in your lead’s profile, the front end website does not see you as your lead.  If it did, any actions you took would be logged as your lead’s behavior!  

Instead, you’ll be seen as an unregistered visitor upon being taken to the website from your lead’s profile.  Just as the site would do with any unregistered visitor on the site, Agents will display in a rotation on the listing full details pages.  Once a lead registers, they will only see their assigned Agent throughout the site while signed in.

Note: So, as long as your lead is logged into their account, they will only see your photo and information on the site!  

Can I delete leads from the system?

There is not a tool for deleting leads from the system, which is why we have the “Trash” category!  If you have a lead that provided bogus information, categorizing them as Trash will keep them out of sight and out of mind.  Please keep in mind that placing a lead in Trash will not unsubscribe them from emails or block them from accessing your website.  

In a case where an inactive lead is sending Spam emails to you through the system, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

How can my lead opt back into receiving e-Alerts and emails?

Once your lead is logged into their account on your website, they can opt back into emails by taking the following steps:

  • Click on “Hi, (Lead Name)” in the upper right corner
  • Select the “Saved Searches & e-Alerts” tab on the left
  • Select the “Subscribe” circle for any of the three email types they wish to receive (Agent emails, Lender emails and e-Alerts)

How can I export my BoomTown leads into an Excel file?

Only Broker/Admin users with the export permission enabled will be able to run an export of leads from the system.  If you are a user with Broker/Admin level access, you can check to see if this permission is enabled for your account by clicking on your image in the upper right corner.  Should you have access to this tool, you will find an “Export Leads” option listed in the drop-down.

Any users without exporting capabilities will need to reach out to a Broker/Admin on the team with the export permission or the contract holder of the site.

 What is this “ATTENTION: (Agent or Lender Name) email address has been changed. Action Required!” email I just received?

These alerts are automatically sent out to all the Broker/Admin users on a platform when our system detects a hard bounce for an Agent or Lender login email address. Hard bounces occur when an email gets permanently rejected, which could be due to one of the following:

  • Email address is invalid
  • Email domain does not exist
  • Recipient email servers are not accepting emails

If the Agent or Lender with the bounced email address is still active in the system, any Broker/Admin can go into that user’s profile and enter a valid email address into their login field.  Important to note is that the Agent or Lender will not be able to access their BoomTown account until their login is updated.

Should the Agent or Lender no longer use the system, a Broker/Admin will want to process a bulk transfer of their leads to another user and delete their account.

We don’t mean to be forward. But in case you missed it, here is how you can get in touch with Support:

Phone: (843) 300-3307