11-12-19 Vulcan7 Integration

We’ve partnered with Vulcan7 to create a new integration for BoomTown! Now you can easily import your qualified prospects from Vulcan7 Data/Dialing, and create lists of leads in BoomTown to import into Vulcan7 to contact via their power dialer.

This integration is available by default with our Grow and Advance level packages + Core via paid add-on.

Enabling this integration is easy to do by following these simple instructions…

1. Login to your Vulcan7 Account.
2. Click on My Account / My Account
3. Click on the “Integration” tab
4. Click “Update Third Party Integrations”
5. Locate “BoomTown” and click on “Manage Integration” button
6. Click on “Authenticate with BoomTown”
7. Login to BoomTown using your credentials.
8. Click “Remember Me” so you can easily login next time
9. Then click “Login”
10.Click “Continue” to allow Vulcan7 to connect to BoomTown
a. This will return you to Vulcan7 and confirm you are integrated

How Do I Import Leads From BoomTown?

This can be accomplished by simply adding a “Tag” (use company tags, not personal) to your leads. Once the tag “Vulcan7” is added to a lead it will be imported into Vulcan7, and kept in the BoomTown folder.

Please note: If you have previously used Vulcan7 without the integration, and have leads tagged as “Vulcan7” they will be imported once the integration is enabled. These leads will be sent to the special BoomTown folder in Vulcan7, and can be deleted if this creates a duplication.