Product Notes

BoomTown Front Office and Brokermint Back Office: The Deepest Back Office Integration Available

In 2021, BoomTown acquired the industry-leading back office solution, Brokermint. Now, we’ve created the deepest, most robust back office integration available for BoomTown customers. With two-way data syncing in real time, you can now enjoy accurate information across both platforms. Contact information, user details, and (most importantly) transaction data will…

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Homepage Customization

Homepage customization is here! Working with one of our trusted third party developers, you can reach new heights through customizing the design of your BoomTown site’s homepage. This means you can highlight your mission, brand goals, market, success metrics, and the list goes on! Who’s doing the designing, you ask?…

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Texting Best Practices

As a trusted partner that is invested in your success, we strive to help you build a well-balanced communication plan that results in the most engagement from consumers. In order to help you continue leveraging text messages, we’ve provided some updated texting best practices. Click here to review BoomTown’s opt-out…

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