BoomTown Success Assurance Updates 8-26-2020

We have made three important updates to Success Assurance that we’re excited to announce!  First, we improved the accuracy of your lead histories by attributing the automated category changes that occur as your Concierge qualifies your leads, to the Concierge instead of the assigned agent.  Additionally, the Impersonate the Concierge feature has been added to your NOW App, and finally, we moved your Concierge Settings from the Integrations page to your main left-hand navigation!

Success Assurance Improvements: 

  • Impersonate your Concierge from the NOW App: You’ve had this functionality in the CRM but now you can Impersonate the Concierge from the NOW App too! Respond to quick one-off questions from a lead as the Concierge, while you’re on the go using the NOW App.  The Impersonate button is located on the Conversations tab of the Lead Profile.  Click here to watch a quick demonstration video!
  • Concierge Settings in your main left-hand navigation menu: Look to the dark gray left-hand navigation menu in your BoomTown CRM and you should notice a NEW Concierge tab.  We have relocated your Concierge Settings, Manage Users, and Lead Sources settings from the Integrations > RealContact Setup page to your main CRM menu.  Now you can quickly and easily make changes to your Concierge Settings.  Click the tab and you’ll see a “Take Tour” button at the top right.  Utilize that feature to take a tour of the Success Assurance settings at any time!
  • Concierge Attributions: The action of automatically changing a lead’s category based on the Concierge status and calls logged by the Concierge, is now attributed to the Concierge, not the assigned agent.  This small update improves the accuracy of the Lead Histories!