Expanded Texting Capabilities 11-16-2020

Your texting capabilities are getting even better! It’s no secret that text messages can be a game-changer in reaching prospects and engaging your leads, so we’ve been working hard to help you enjoy (and create) the best experience possible. 

You will be able to send and receive images, vCards and gifs via text in the NOW app. vCards will help legitimize your messaging and identify you as the sender, and images and gifs will make your conversations all the more compelling and streamlined. 

Important Notes:

These texting enhancements will be a staggered release throughout the week, beginning Tuesday, 11/17/2020.  First, you’ll start seeing images from your leads in the CRM.  After that, keep an eye on your NOW App as you start receiving images there as well, and finally, look for the camera icon on your NOW App texting screen indicating you have the ability to add attachments to your text messages.

This initial release gives you the ability to send images from your NOW App. We will release the CRM update later in December 2020, giving you the ability to send images from your desktop computer.

Each message can contain up to 3 attachments and cannot exceed a total size limit of 5 MB. Should you need to send more than 3 images, you’ll just need to send the images in separate messages.

We understand that sending videos is important to you! The requirements for texting videos vary greatly across phone carriers. They each have different limitations when it comes to delivering video.  Please know, we are actively investigating the best solution for texting videos! In the meantime, we recommend that you send links to your videos via text message!