HomeSearchNOW App 7-27-2020

BoomTown’s consumer-facing app, HomeSearchNow, offers everything you need to deliver a branded search experience to your prospects and clients. Now they can download your free company app, and enjoy a tailored, hyper-relevant search experience (and stop wasting time on other real estate search apps).  

HomesearchNow offers prospects:

  • Addictive search with large photos, galleries, and the freshest listing data
  • Customizable experience with quick filters, favorites, and saved searches
  • Clear and simple ways to directly contact agents from the app 

Homesearch Now lets you and your team: 

  • Provide a branded mobile app experience to keep prospects engaged with your company
  • Invite prospects, directly from the CRM with BoomScientist text and email templates. (Simply add them to Smart-Drip plans to automatically invite leads to enjoy unparalleled searching with the app)
  • See activity and history tracked and logged automatically in the CRM’s lead profile page  
  • Get deeper insights into prospects, and real-time alerts on property searches, so you can stay on top of needs

ProTips and Best Practices to get you started:

  • We have already updated the Boom Scientist Qualify Smart-Drip Plans to include invitations to download the app.  We encourage you to use one of those plans to ensure all of your leads automatically get an invitation to the app!  Click each plan below to preview each step.
  • If you have chosen not to use our plans, we recommend adjusting your existing Qualify drips to include an invitation to the app.  Simply edit your existing plan and insert the {HomeSearchNowAppInvite} template text into your first text step and/or email step.
  • We will be adding a “BT: HomeSearchNow App Invitation” Email Template and Text Template to your available Templates which you can use to bulk invite your existing leads. Those templates will be available on Monday, August 3rd!
  • Use Advanced Lead Filters to filter out leads who have already been invited to the app prior to sending any bulk invites.  The app invitation filters are located under the “Lead Activity” section of your Advanced Lead Filters.