Lead Qualification Filters 2-12-18

Now that we have been collecting information from your registering leads on their timeframe, financing, and homeownership status; it’s time to add filters so we can segment our databases.

Introducing Lead Qualification Filters


By going to advanced lead central, and selecting “Qualifications” you’ll find three great new filters to sort this information. The possibilities are endless! Here are some suggested segments to save, and leverage.

  • Pre-Approved: Yes + Cash: Identify leads most ready to go see homes.
  • Home to sell: Yes: Remember that “buyer” leads are actually one of the most likely sources for your next listing. The stats don’t lie only 36% of home buyers were 1st timers in 2017 (according to the NAR Generational report) That means the other 64% might need your help! Leverage this list, and be sure to collect the address & add it to the lead profile after your conversations.
  • Timeline 1-3 months + onsite in last 30 days: If someone says they have a 1-3 month timeline, and they’re actively on your BoomTown site then this person should be a priority for you to contact. Remember speed to lead is just as important on return visits as it is on the first one!Enjoy the new filters, and for Phase III of this project we’ll be adding new default filters, and introducing the ability to edit the responses on the lead profile. Stay tuned for more updates!