Lead Qualification Questions 12-18-17


When a lead comes into the CRM the first action every agent must take is to Qualify that lead. This includes discovering important information such as time frame, financing, and the opportunity for a listing in the event the user has a home to sell. BoomTown is making it easier than ever to identify this important information in our efforts to continuously improve lead quality.

As you can see from the animated .gif above when a lead attempts to register on the consumer website we will attempt to qualify the lead for your agents by asking a few simple questions.


  1. Do they have to answer all the questions?  No, the user can click off the form to get it out of their way at any time.
  2. Are they still registered if they don’t answer them? Yes, the first part of the process is still the same registration form. Once completed the lead is registered even if they ignore the other questions.
  3. Will this hurt my conversion rate? No! We’ve extensively tested these questions before turning them on for your site. Our testing has shown 98.77% of users stay on the website, and 94% of users are answering all of the questions! That means the same volume of leads with more information for you.
  4.  What if i have special rules setup on my squeeze form? If you have setup a custom parameter to increase the number of photo views on your site these rules will stay in place. All registrants going forward will receive this questionnaire.
  5. Can I edit the response or change the questions? Not at this time, one of our next phases is to make this information part of the user profile, and editable. The questions asked are not customizable.
  6. Can I segment my leads with this information? Not yet, but this feature is coming very soon, and is phase 2 of this project. We’ll be building filters that enable you to sort leads by the answers to the qualifying questions.
  7. Where can I find the answers to the questions? In this phase they will be located under “History” in the lead profile. Look for a green card that looks like a note with the information.
  8. Can I turn this feature off? We strongly recommend not doing so, but if you wish to remove the questionnaire our support team can assist. This will remove the survey from your website, but all information collected will remain in the CRM.