Marketing Central: Listing Content Update 4-21-2021

Marketing Central now allows you to promote any of your company’s active listings or sold properties using the “Promote Listing” blueprint.  Previously, this capability was only available for Broker/Admins, but now Agents without active listings can take advantage of this powerful ad type as well!

What is Marketing Central?

Marketing Central enables Agents (including profile only users) and Broker/Admin users to create advertising campaigns that are powered by your listing data & your BoomTown database. Different programs are available to help you achieve different goals with your own advertising dollars.

  • Promote Listings and Solds: Attract buyers and sellers by promoting any company active listing or highlighting sold properties (dependent on availability of sold data in the MLS), and maximizing exposure on Facebook and Instagram. (Available to agent, and broker/admin users.)

Best Practices for Listing Promotions.

  • It is best to check with the Listing Agent before creating a Promote Listing Ad for their listing.
  • When should we use Marketing Central to promote listings or set up retargeting campaigns?
  • Promote every listing for a compound effect: There are many ways to spend our advertising budgets to get leads, but leveraging listings into leads is a proven method. Not only does promoting a new on-market listing drive more traffic to your BT site, generate offers, and interest in the property; it also gives you a simple way to always deliver value to your seller clients. By promoting listings you can ensure your new listing is HOT the day it lands on market.
  • Tip: Budget $50-100 per listing (more for luxury or interesting properties), and launch a campaign with a 3-5 day window. This will ensure a high level of spend per day, and maximize your budget while the listing is new!