Manual Claim Option for Shark Tank 5-16-18

Shark Tank is a highly effective tool for improving speed to lead, but some team models have other uses for claiming. One use case we’ve seen is when ISA’s do the majority of the qualification, and want to simply pass a very qualified lead or pre-set appointment over to their agents. It can be a bit awkward to ask agents to call/text a lead that just spoke with the ISA if no conversation is needed until the appointment. This is why we’ve introduced a new option “manual claim” in Shark Tank for this type of scenario.

You can find Manual Claim by in the contact methods drop down when creating or editing a rule in Shark Tank. Be advised that if you choose Manual Claim this will be the ONLY option agents have to claim leads via this rule. We strongly recommend not using Manual Claim for new lead registrations as this may hurt your contact rates. This rule is most appropriate for ReMatching scenarios.