Marketing Central 11-20-19

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One of our biggest releases of the year is here! Introducing Marketing Central. Everything you need to quickly,
and easily launch powerful social advertising campaigns right from BoomTown.

What is Marketing Central?

Marketing Central enables Agents (including profile only users) and broker/admin users to create advertising campaigns that are powered by your listing data & your BoomTown database. Different programs are available to help you achieve different goals with your own advertising dollars.


  • Promote Listings: Attract buyers by promoting your active listings , and maximizing exposure on Facebook and Instagram. (Available to agent, and broker/admin users.)


  • Promote Solds: Attract Sellers with campaigns highlighting sold properties. (Available to agent, and broker/admin users. Dependent on availability of sold data in the MLS) 
  • Turn abandoners into leads (brokers only):Generate more leads by remarketing to people who previously visited your site, but did not register. (Available broker/admin users only)

  • Re-engage your leads (Brokers only): Automatically deliver relevant property recommendations to your database with Dynamic Retargeting. (Available broker/admin users only)


Quick Start Tips


-Select a program from the Marketing Central navigation to get started.


-If this is your first time logging in you’ll be asked to connect your personal FB page to Marketing Central. This is the page that will be presenting any ad programs you generate. It’s important to use your own FB page, because it will promote your brand with the listing ads + ensure that you are able to see, and take action with any comments that may be made on the ad in Facebook or Instagram. Don’t have an FB Page? Create one! It only takes a few minutes, and will ensure the best results.


-Make sure your MLS ID is in your BoomTown profile. This is the ID we’ll use to present listings to promote.


-Retargeting Programs for Broker/Admins: These are available only at the platform owner level, because they require a larger audience and more listing data to get the best results. Tip: Once a program is launched you may need to wait up to 72 hours to see ads running. Marketing Central + Facebook will be processing the listing feed during this time, and it may depend on Facebook to exact launch time.


-Budgets are separate from BT Paid Ads! If you’re an agent looking to get more leads than are currently provided to you from your BoomTown lead rotation this is a great option to add more leads that convert directly on your subdomain.


Best Practices for Listing Promotions.

When should we use Marketing Central to promote listings or setup retargeting campaigns?

Promote every listing for a compound effect: There are many ways to spend our advertising budgets to get leads, but leveraging listings into leads is a proven method. Not only does promoting a new on market listing drive more traffic to your BT site, generate offers, and interest in the property; it also gives you a simple way to always deliver value to your seller clients. By promoting your listing you can ensure your new listing is HOT the day it lands on market.

Tip: Budget $50-100 per listing (more for luxury or interesting properties), and launch a campaign with a 3-5 day window. This will ensure a high level of spend per day, and maximize your budget while the listing is new! You can also go directly to the “My Listings” section of lead central to click a simple link next to each of your listings to make promotion even easier.

Re-Engage + Abandoners: Tips

These campaigns are very easy to setup, and only require that you input a budget and timeframe. We recommend the recurring monthly budget as a part of your total advertising program. The minimum spend on a recurring monthly budget is $150 per month per program type, or 15% of your inbound traffic budget is a good rule of thumb if you’re doing lots of BT Paid Advertising. Think of Re-Engage as a driver of your NOW wall activity. The results to expect are showing requests, loan calcs, properties favorited, and start-an-offer forms! These are very hot leads for you and your agents to take action on.

Here’s a breakdown of how to leverage the Re-Engage campaigns, and our detailed reporting. 

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