New Advanced Lead Filters 8/27/2021

Build smarter segments with new Advanced Lead Filters!

Lender Assignment: No Lender Assigned

Narrow down the leads in your database to those who do not have a lender assigned. Then determine the next steps for each. Are they buying with cash? Already working with another lender? Do they need a lender?

Lead Activity: Last Visit = Never

Locate the leads who have never visited your website then send them a Bulk Welcome Email to entice them to visit!

e-Alert: Has e-Alert and e-Alert Status

e-Alerts are the #1 driver of returning visitors to your site so we encourage you to ensure all of your leads with a valid email address have an active e-Alert! Use the HAS E-ALERTS: No filter in conjunction with E-ALERT STATUS: Can receive e-Alerts to determine which leads are able to receive an e-Alert (meaning they are not unsubscribed) but don’t have one.

Assigned Agent Filter for Lenders

Calling all Lenders — You can now filter Lead Central by Assigned Agent!