RealContact Lead Notifications 10-22-19

For BoomTown users leveraging our Success Assurance program or our RealContact integration we’ve released a new update to give you more control over managing your monthly lead budget. Notifications will now be sent (via email) to agents/brokers once 85% and 100% of the monthly included number of worked leads is reached.

If you wish to at this time pause your monthly lead flow to avoid and chance of paying a per-lead lead cost click through the notification to pause your lead flow at the included monthly limit.

Example: If your package includes 100 leads per month, you will receive a notification when 85, and 100 leads have been sent to RealContact. Pausing lead flow will prevent ANY leads from being sent/worked by RealContact until the next months billing cycle begins.

The pause functionality can be set at anytime even before the lead limit is reached. To access this feature go to Profile > Integraions > RealContact Setup > Settings.