Sisu: Direct Integration 12-2-2020

Your BoomTown CRM now supports a direct integration with Sisu! Sisu’s growth automation software makes managing sales teams and administrative teams seamless. 

The integration lets you bi-directionaly sync your leads, agent activities, and transaction data between your CRM and Sisu’s software. This means your data can be automatically piped into leaderboards for television display, real-time dashboards, and sales contests, helping agents pace with goals, and driving productivity…all from your BoomTown CRM. 

Complex transactions and heavy workloads are simplified with drag-and-drop task boards, as well as customer-created forms, fields, notifications and task templates. 

Back office reporting is simplified with intuitive auto-generated reports and commission management tools, to provide complete pipeline management and reporting from lead generation to closed transaction. 

Users can make data-driven decisions across their entire real estate transaction cycle (click-to-close), and the integration provides automatic: 

  • Creation of a transaction in Sisu when leads hit specific categories (like “hot” or “pending”) 
  • Inclusion of BoomTown communication activity into Sisu’s solution
  • Bi-directionaly synced appointment data (Set, Met) between Sisu and BoomTown
  • Closed Transaction data bi-directionaly synced between Sisu and BoomTown

– OR –

** Note: This direct integration is included with our Advance and Grow platforms. Core platforms may add the integration on for an additional fee.