Start An Offer Forms 3-12-18

start an offer

*please note this feature will be visible on 3/12/18. 

Looking for more high quality leads? What if I told you we could identify hand raisers who are ready to place an offer on a home? This is what our new “Start-An-Offer form will bring to the table!

Now consumers browsing your website can “start-an-offer” by submitting an inquiry on a particular property, and even fill in an optional “offer” price for the property. This is an entirely optional field designed to boost interest and interactions with agents. This is by no means a binding contract or an official offer.

When users fill out this form a note will appear just like “ask a question” on the lead profile. Unregistered users will be prompted to register, and provide details like they currently do on their timeline, and financing needs. Be on the look out for new offers, and be sure to respond to these leads as quickly as possible!