Success Assurance: Category Mapping 6-23-2020

Based on overwhelming feedback, we’ve been working hard to ensure the Concierge statuses and BoomTown categories are mapped in such a way that, not only, align with our best practices but your established workflows!  Today, we’re excited to announce some new improvements to Success Assurance filters and concierge statuses.

What’s New?

We replaced the Urgent Request status with Needs Attention and Needs e-Alert.  Instead of receiving an Urgent Request from the Concierge when one of your leads has a question or they’ve gathered enough information about the lead’s interest to create an e-Alert, the Concierge will simply let you know that your lead “Needs Attention” or “Needs e-Alert”.

Simply jump into the conversation with the lead by either turning the Concierge Off to text the lead directly or use the “Impersonate” feature to respond to the lead.  Once you’ve answered your lead’s question, dismiss the CTA banner and the Concierge will continue to qualify the lead!

The Concierge will let you know what your lead is looking for in their ideal home and notify you that it’s time to set up an e-Alert or ensure their system e-Alert is sending them the right properties based on their wishes.  Once you’ve created an e-Alert or revised the existing e-Alert, just dismiss the “e-Alert Needed” banner and the Concierge will continue to follow-up with your lead!

We have added a new status, Needs Appointment, for clients who are not using Calendly for setting appointments.  If you have provided a Calendly link for the Concierge service to set appointments for you, you’ll continue to receive Appointment Set notifications for your leads.  If you have not provided a Calendly link and prefer to set your own appointments, you’ll receive a Needs Appointment notification when your lead is ready to speak with you!

In addition, we made some improvements to the automatic Category changes that are made based on your lead’s qualification progress.  These enhancements are in line with our best practices and your established work-flows.  For a comprehensive understanding of how the lead categories follow the Concierge qualification process, we’ve created a lead flow chart!