Success Assurance: Unification 4-30-2020

Based on your feedback our Product and Engineering teams have been focused on the unification of BoomTown and RealContact.   With that, we bring you BoomTown Success Assurance: Unification!

The goal of the Unification project is to move all the tools and features of RealContact into the BoomTown CRM and NOW app, eliminating the need to work with two separate systems.  Unifying the two systems simplifies work processes for all of you!

Success Assurance Improvements: 

  • Lead Central: Filter your database using new Concierge status filters, drill down the disqualified leads using Advanced Lead Filters, and track text and phone call counts from the Concierge Service.
  • Lead Profile: See notes from the Concierge and status updates within the Lead’s History.
  • Texting Modal: See all text communication with your leads within the new improved text message window.
  • Concierge On/Off: Ability to turn the Concierge Service On/Off from the Lead Profile and send the Concierge a note. This feature is available in the CRM and the NOW App.
  • Rate the Conversation: Give the Concierge Conversation a Happy, Neutral, or Unhappy rating directly from the texting modal within BoomTown.
  • Impersonate your Concierge: Respond to quick one-off questions from a lead as the Concierge, without turning the Concierge Service off.



  • Waiting on You: When the Concierge sends an Urgent Request or Appointment Set notification, the lead will appear on the Waiting on You screen of the NOW App.
  • Push Notifications: Receive important notifications including, Urgent Request, Appointment Set, Missed Call, Voicemail, and others, directly from the NOW App. These will be enabled by default but can be disabled from the settings menu.