Website Improvements 6/8/2021

WordPress Version 5.7.1 | Schedule a Tour Form: Set Property Address

WordPress Version 5.7.1

We’ve upgraded your site to WordPress version 5.7.1!  With each major release of WordPress a new version of Gutenberg is included. Therefore, by upgrading to a newer version of WordPress we give you more Gutenberg tools and features.  We hope these new features will improve your User Experience.

What’s included with this upgrade?

  • Drag and Drop Functionality — Easily move blocks on a page by dragging and dropping them into place.

IMPORTANT: In order to enable Drag and Drop functionality, disable the “Top toolbar” view.

  • Full-Width Headers — Improves the appearance of full-width headers on landing pages. As you can see, not only is the background of the header full-width, but the content is as well. Version 5.7.1 allows the background to fill the full width, but the content is kept within content container width.
  • Padding Tool — Padding is the space between the text in a box and the outside of the box.  The padding tool allows users to adjust this space for all blocks.
  • Character counts in the information panel.
  • Social Icon Sizes — Ability to adjust the sizes of the Social Icons.
  • Video positioning in Cover Block — Ability to adjust the position of a video when used in a Cover Block.
  • Single column blocks — Place multiple blocks inside a single Column Block.
  • Mixed widths and columns — Customize the width of individual columns within a Column Block.
  • List Block / Gradient Option — Place a color gradient as the background of a List Block.
  • Cover Block / Media Settings Upgrade
  • Select multiple images and turn them into columns
  • Full height alignment for blocks to fill the entire viewport — This additional alignment option is only available for the Cover Block, and simply allows the rendered height of the cover block to be the full height of the user’s browser. For example, if you had a really large, beautiful image with a great CTA that you wanted to highlight without the content “below the fold” getting in the way, set this feature so that the first and only thing a visitor sees when they visit the page is the image and CTA. The visitor can then scroll down as usual to see the rest of the page.
  • Vertical alignments and width percentages for buttons block — Ability to align buttons vertically or horizontally.  Adjust the width percentages of buttons.

Schedule a Tour Form: Set Property Address

We have updated the Schedule Tour Form block! Now, you can Set a Property Address for the Tour Form in addition to using a Listing URL.

This form is ideal for “Coming Soon” Landing Pages, especially if these listings do not syndicate through your MLS feed!