7-16-19 Homepage Video Backgrounds

We’ve just introduced a new update to help your website’s home page really stand out. Video Backgrounds! Now you (or any agent with home page editor permissions) can simply drop in a Youtube link, and transform your website to include a video!

To update your website simply launch the home page editor via wordpress, and navigate to home page settings. There you’ll find a space to place a link to your Youtube video of choice. Please note that agents with permissions to edit their sub-domain can also upload there own individual videos of choice. If no video is chosen the main site video will apply to all sub-domains.


  • Only use content you have the right to share. Preferably videos from your own Youtube account.
  • Be sure that the video is not “monetized” otherwise ads may potentially show on the video.
  • Note that no sound will play with the video, and any text/sub-titles will appear on the homepage.
  • Transparency (opacity) can be adjusted via the editor.
  • Videos are NOT displayed on mobile devices the static image will be displayed based on your customizer settings.
  • Scout Theme (map background) users will not have the option to use home page video.